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            4. Social Responsibility

              Zijiang has long made it its mission to “serve the country through industry and develop the country through science and education”, with emphasis on balanced development of economic and social benefits. The listed company Zijiang Enterprise has been standing firmly in the industry with hard work and bold innovation. We have been honest to its employees, customers and suppliers, and actively protecting the environment and participating in social welfare undertakings to promote the harmonious development of the company and the society. We have also been creating value for all shareholders and allocating cash dividends.

              We focus on investing in education. In 1994, Zijiang founded a wholly owned school named “Shanghai Zijiang Hope Primary School” in Ji’an County in Jiangxi Province. In 1999, Zijiang set up “Zijiang Education Development Fund” at East China Normal University and has invested over 50 million yuan for the “Zijiang Scholars” program to promote the industrialization of technological achievements. We have respectively invested about 780 million and 240 million yuan to move SJTU’s and ECNU’s newly established schools to Zizhu High-Tech Zone. Besides, we have invested in the construction of Zizhu Basic Education Park in which ECNU Zizhu Kindergarten, Primary School and Junior High School have been put into use.

              In order to support innovation and entrepreneurship, Zijiang has founded “Seedlings Fund” with a total of one billion yuan. The 12000 m2 business incubator base in Zizhu National High-Tech Zone has also come into service in order to facilitate China’s technology innovation enterprises cultivation and economic restructuring.

              / Zijiang Foundation
              Zijiang Foundation was founded in 2015 with a fund of 20 million yuan that was entirely donated by Mr. Shen Wen, chairman and president of Zijiang Group. It is a non-public offering foundation approved by Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau, with its business covering helping and supporting the poor, funding research & education undertakings and supporting youth innovation and entrepreneurship.
              At present, the foundation has developed a number of brand projects such as the Rainbow Plan, Happiness No.5, ECNU Zijiang Public Charity Center, Zizhu CSR Union, Zizhu High-Tech Zone CSR Union and Yi Jiang Tang.
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