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            4. Residential Development

              The developed supporting project Zizhu Peninsula in the Zizhu National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone will be built into a large diversified international ecological community. In addition, the Zidu Crystal Garden Shanghai developed by Zidu Property, a holder of a national class-A license for real estate development, is a high-end villa project located in Sheshan Hill, the only landscape resort and the national 4A spot in Shanghai. Covering a total area of 1224 mu, the project includes four phases of which Phase One, Phase Two and Phase Three Area A are already completed.

              Shanghai Marriott Hotel Hongqiao is situated in the western high-end residential area near Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport and Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station with very convenient transportation. Managed by Marriott International, the hotel is the first one landing China. Zizhu Courtyard Hotel in the Zizhu High-tech Zone is the first franchised Marriott hotel in China and will open in 2018. After completion, the hotel will provide international-class hotel experience for business travelers in and around the Zizhu High-tech Zone.
              Office Buildings
              Hongqiao Business Center is seated at Hongqiao Road 2272, Hongqiao Development Zone. Each of its floors covers an area of around 3600 m2 and can be freely separated into 20-3600 m2 office spaces. It has been rated as “Model Building for National Property Management” by the MOHURD, PRC.
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