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            4. About Zijiang

              Zijiang, founded in 1981, is a private investment holding group rooted in Shanghai. It is named after the river Zigang near its place of origin in the hope that Zijiang will gather strength and expand space for sustained development.

              Zijiang’s founder Mr. Shen Wen is the president and chairman of the group, a member of the CPC, a member of the 10th, 11th and 12th CPPCC national committees, the vice-chairman of the 12th and 13th SFIC executive committees, and the vice-president of the Listed Companies Association of Shanghai.

              Zijiang mainly invests in manufacturing and services. We have two listed companies in manufacturing: Zijiang Enterprise Stock and Welltech Stock. We focus on Zizhu National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, real estate and hotel development and management in the services segment.

              At the same time, Zijiang has made it its mission to “serve the country through industry and develop the country through science and education”. We stress the development of both economic and social benefits and will play a more active role in building a global technology innovation center in Shanghai.

              Core Values

              To become the Most Respected Enterprise

              Devotion,Simplicity,Sustainability,and Persistence

              Behave Honestly,Work Sedulously

              Zijiang has gone through three decades of growth since its inception.
              Talent Strategy

              Talent is the first driving force of corporate development. Zijiang therefore sees talent as the most important resource and wealth. We advocate professional dedication and responsibility, and actively create good working conditions for the staff. We care about our staff’s health and pay attention to their career training and development.

              We adhere to the principle of combing “market selection” with “internal competition guidance” in terms of recruitment and hiring. On the one hand, we actively attract and recruit first-raters to meet the business development needs. On the other hand, we develop a batch of professionally dedicated, managerially and technically experienced personnel through internal training as the mainstays of the company. In remuneration and treatment, we give outstanding workers multiple special benefits on the basis of scientific, fair, rational and comprehensive performance evaluation system in addition to offering benefits as stipulated by the law.

              Social Responsibility
              Zijiang has long made it its mission to “serve the country through industry and develop the country through science and education”, with emphasis on balanced development of economic and social benefits.
              Party, League and Trade Union

              In 1986, Zijiang established a Party branch, a League branch and a trade union with the approval of higher authorities, as one of the first private enterprises in Shanghai.

              Over the past 30 years, Zijiang’s Party committee has advanced with the times, worked on the group’s economic development, and played a major role in disseminating corporate culture, selecting talent and enriching staff life.

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